OMG Delta Airport Rooftop Lounge JFK

I was recently unlucky enough to be stuck at JFK for over 6 hours due to a missed flight and standby bad luck I sucked it up and paid $50 to enter the Delta airport lunge, figuring that the free WiFi, coffee and food would just about equate to a few hours sitting unhappily at ShakeShack (yes, JFK has a ShakeShack).

Instead I was blown away. The usual comfy chairs, free coffee and biscuits were set off with a cocktail menu of free drinks, a snack bar that changed from bagels and spreads (a.m.) to salad, hummus and crackers in the afternoon.. and an outdoor lounge. OUTDOOR. LIKE YOU COULD SEE THE SKY, FEEL THE SUN AND LIE UNDER A PARASOL WHILE PLANES TOOK OFF BEHIND YOU.

It was amazing. Here are the pictures.


Brooklyn, my baby love

When you think of Brooklyn in New York, you think bars, mustaches, skinny jeans and ice cream in flavors like Avocado and Amaretto. Sure, this is a stereotype and there is far more in Brooklyn than offbeat bands, weed delivery drivers and a hodge podge of galleries, but it really depends on A) which part you go to, and b) your age.

Today I want to demonstrate the family friendly Brooklyn, that of tiny babies, little onesie’s and organic food. OK, not the organic food. Looking through the Brooklyn Bible — Etsy, I saw a number of baby centric bay gear and here is a collection of the cutest and strangest they offer.

[above image, Etsy]

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Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale NYC May 2013

Pictures are a 1000 words and all that.This was Friday at the NYC  Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale held at 260 Fifth Avenue. I went around 3pm, there were no lines, and the floor was busy. They had a LOT of stock, majority of it bags, and they are replenishing tomorrow. Bags ranged from $50 for a laptop bag or clutch to $150 for a leather satchel/ tote and up to $250 for the high end stuff, some still in stores now.

They also had a special offer: One canvas tote bag was $75, down from $200. If you spent over $300 you got $50 off the total. Bags on offer included the famous Mini M.A.C’s in a wide range of finishes, lovely geometrical designs and adorable Rex Minaudiere’s.

Clothing was limited, a lot of printed dresses in size 0,2,4, with a couple of 8 and 10 prom dresses in there. It wasn’t that cheap- dresses were $150, pants $100, tops/ shorts around $75. A rare pink tag showed an actual ‘sample’, but these often lacked zips. I bagged a burnt orange sample dress for $20- but it did have a weird burn mark that I’ll need to put a badge over. Also, NO DRESSING ROOM, so be prepared to strip!

 Shoe wise, nothing really grabbed me. However, the staff were super helpful!

Night of 1000 Stevie Nicks at the Highline Ballroom

Stevie Nicks fans converged on the Highline Ballroom on Friday, May 5th 2013 for the 23rd annual NIGHT OF 1000 STEVIES. The crowd encapsulated all of her eras, from the Gothic tributes, wearing feathers and doves, to the bleached blonde fairies with fringed shawls, top hats and glowing lights.

The show opened with a wave of tambourines, a hip shake from the dazzling glitter covered dancers and a montages of Stevie Nicks tribute acts, both lip synced and live.

We saw saucy Stevies, sultry Stevies, X-rated nymphets with whips and chains and an odd Dorothy Wizard of Oz montage, where opium poppies and Stevie’s coke addiction were mentioned.

This event has taken place 23 times, and as ever, there is always a hint from Stevie that she may show up IRL. “It’s unlikely,” said a befringed fan. “I checked her tour dates and tonight clashes with a show, so I don’t think she will be here.”

The evening culminated in an ultimate Stevie-off, where men, women, and underage boys took to the stage to shake their blonde hair and crown themselves Stevie for night.


Top To Do Today- April 22nd

Welcome to a new feature on OMG New York. This is an attempt to provide you with cool awesome stuff that takes place in out fair city. Sure, you could go elsewhere for this news, but why trawl through TimeOut, or get ‘out cooled’ by The Voice when you can find great things here, all in a fab accessible manner. Well, that’s how I see it anyways.

Without further waffle, lets get down to business.

Monday, April 22nd, 2013


GROOVEHOOPS, Hula Hoop Skills Class
Time: 8pm – 9:15 pm
Where: 14th Street Y, 344 East 14th St & 1st Ave
Cost: $12, hoops provided

A seriously fun way to spend an hour. Learn to jiggle, spin and throw the hoop around, and it’s fine if you drop it and have to run after it. Class is friendly and of mixed ability and instructor Stefan is super enthusiastic, happy t teach you if you haven’t hooped since you were five. You’ll give your waist a workout and leave with a new trick move, be it throwing and catching, or spinning a hoop around your ankle.

Check out GrooveHoops



Time: 9PM
Where: Posh Bar & Lounge, 405 West 51st St.

Delightful and delicious, this drag queen bingo combines Broadway performances with score cards, and a prize wheel for every round. Expect free popcorn, free pizza and serenades from Ms Ginger Snapt! A friendly and unpretentious crowd, and they’re open to music requests.

CHECK IT OUT HERE (Photo credit: Get Out)



Time: All day till late
Where: Pier 66, West 26 Street
Price: Free

Located on the actual Hudson river, why not take in the view with a brew? Its finally warmed up enough to sit outside now, and this is a lovely way to do it. Sometimes you’ll get live music, but you’ll always have a good time. Beer on tap, and they serve vodka and white sangria.

Check it out here

Friday Night Third Annual Subway Party NYC celebrates.. life?

A strange Friday night in NYC. Friday, April 19th 2013 was the Friday Night Third Annual Subway Party, Manhattan.An email went out around three hours prior, distributed through mailing lists and college emsil addresses.

The details were as follows:
The fabled journey will commence at Times Square, where we will embark upon a raucous ride all the way down to the beach. Bring instruments, bring masks, and as many friends as you can, as we make music, play soccer, swing on the monkey bars, and dance our way to the ocean.
‘Meet at N,Q,R downtown platform at 42nd Street Times Square station
midnight; $free

The reality: A ragtag assortment of teenage students, aging hippies and bemused gawkers lined up on the platform. At ten past twelves a gong sounded and drumsticks were produced. They ended in Coney Island, feet squelching through the sand. Fireworks whistled into the sky, and sirens flanked he entry to the beach. Rain drenched skin, wet from dips in the chilly waves.

Yes, there was lots of nudity, and NO, I’m not showing you.

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Sample Sale New York Style : Three websites to bookmark

New York is the city of style. Its crazy climate means that people actually think about how they put outfits together, and its (mostly) flat sidewalks allow for heels to be worn with abandon. There are many MANY options for the keen shopper, from Forever 21 megastore to the trendy boutiques in the East Village, but with a city that places so much emphasis on brands sometimes it’s nice to splash out.

Can’t quite justify that Chanel? Well now you don’t have too.

In part, because New York is so fashion centric, it also has a huge fashion turnover. Think great brands at wonderful low low prices. It’s not always easy to know were they are, but a few fab blogs exist that direct you to them- make sure to bookmark and enjoy all the bargains. Key points to remember: Some places you may find a queue, make sure to dress suitably, as many changing rooms are communal and also.. have fun! Sale prices get slashed on the last sample sale days, but if you go too late you run the risk of lacking your size. Examples of bargains you can get are a Nicole Miller (unworn) dress down from $650 to $60. Continue reading

ToyFair 2013 New York style

ToyFair is the place where dreams come to play- if you’re a kid. It takes the best of Christmas, birthdays and Hanukkah all in one, wraps them up in shiny paper, adds glitter, batteries and a little dash of sunshine and packages this into products that you’ll want forever- or at least till something else that’s shiny catches your eye.

The New York 2013 ToyFair is an annual event for retailers and merchandisers to showcase their stuff; all hoping they’ll be the next big hit that year. Toys are split into categories, everything from dolls, to cars to gadgets to look at, and they also have adult toys and collectibles as well.

It’s not  open to the general public, but OMG New York managed to get a sneak peek behind the scenes at the Javitz Center, to show you the cool, crazy and covetable items that will be out this year.

Has anything special caught your eye?

New York Subway tights for 4/5 Line legs

The great city that is New York has an enviable, if slightly dirty subway system \. I love that it runs all night and that- compared to London – it’s much more afforable. True the tramps and the weird smells are a bit offputting and I don’t get why they can’t somehow relate your metro pass to your credit cardf (just logical if you lose it folks) but overall I’m pretty happy. Continue reading